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Class Descriptions

CrossFit Classes

CrossFit Classes produce elite results by effectively combining weight lifting (both Olympic and power), gymnastics and sprinting. It is the program of choice of many firefighters, MMA fighters, Olympians, Navy SEALs, triathletes, and everyday folks looking to achieve elite levels of fitness. Training sessions are high intensity and will focus on proper execution of all movements. To maximize results we suggest training 2-3 days in a row, followed by one day of rest. This ensures proper programming, progression, and recovery.

Immortal HIIT

Immortal's unique approach to high intensity interval training. This is a cardio focused class for those who love to sweat and are looking to burn fat. We utilize the Concept II rowers, Assault Bikes, body weight movements, dumbbells, kettlebells, and much more. This is for all fitness levels and there are no prerequisites to start. This class requires you to sign up/register in advance. Classes are capped at 15 spots.

Middle School Fitness

This is an afterschool program for middle school students, grades 5th-8th, ages 11-14. Our program is designed to teach our youth proper body awareness and to develop their general fitness. Many kids have gone down the path of specializing in year round sports specific training at too young of age, without learning the fundamentals of fitness. This class is all about building up their general fitness to help prevent overuse injuries, and muscle imbalances, all while keeping things fun.

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting is a class for ALL LEVELS, focusing on improving technique, strength, power and speed. The workouts have not only been proven to increase your technique and top end strength, but also the ability to cycle the barbell more efficiently. This leads to a major improvement in how you perform in CrossFit workouts.