Getting Started

I have CrossFit experience…
Awesome! We are happy to have you join the Immortal community and your first class is on us. Take a look at our schedule, pick a class and give us a heads up when you will be coming.

Call: (914) 760-3051 or Email:

I’m new to CrossFit…
Join us for a free class to see what CrossFit is all about! After your free class, new members are required to take part in our on-ramp program. The one-on-one On-Ramp program is an opportunity for new athletes to learn the fundamentals of crossfit. Athletes will graduate the On-Ramp program with a basic understanding of the CrossFit methodology including the fundamental movements, proper warm-ups and cool-downs, and mobility.

~ 3 private sessions (1hour each) ~
~ $225 ($75 per session) ~

*First month of Membership is free ($195 value)

Call: (914) 760-3051 or Email:

I’m new to Immortal HIIT…
Take your first HIIT class for free! There are no prerequisites to start. We require you to reserve your spot ahead of time and classes are capped at 15. To reserve a spot, please call (914)760-3051 or  


I’m looking for private training…

We offer, 30, 45 and 60 minute private sessions for all ages. Please contact us for pricing/scheduling.

Call: (914) 760-3051 or Email: