Frank Hernandez is the April 18′ MEMBER OF THE MONTH!

Frank Hernandez is the April 18′ MEMBER OF THE MONTH!
Name:  Frank Picano Hernandez
Hometown:  Pleasantville
Age:  48
Occupation:  Diamond Setter

How long have you been doing CrossFit and what motivated you to try it out?
I’ve been doing Crossfit for over 5 1/2 years however after the
first year or so i took 9 months off.   When I started I  hadn’t
done any exercise for over about 2 years and was really out of shape.
I met someone at a party who was doing Crossfit for a while and we
spoke for a few hours about it and it sounded really interesting but
his Box was too far away for me. His excitement about Crossfit really
captured me even though I didn’t understand exactly what he did.
Several weeks after I parked behind the Post Office on a Saturday
morning to run a few errands.  Before I jumped back in my car with my
lovely lady Michele  to drive to Florida…..  “BOOM, look a Crossfit
gym! We need to check this out.”  As soon as we got back from our
Florida drive we joined and got hooked.

Tell us about your career and what you enjoy most about it?
Im a Diamond Setter for Tiffany And Co. for 21 years and have been
making jewelry for about 31 years.  What I love about it the most is
creating incredible, unique jewelry that has meaning to people and
can be passed down generations.  At heart I’m an artist and this
allows me to create beautiful works of art and express my creative

The coaches love how hard you work and the drive you have to keep getting better and learning new skills.  What motivates you to keep getting better?
The coaches here at Immortal Fitness exemplify hard work and show
their commitment to teaching.  Yes I love to work hard but I’m
learning new skills because of their guidance and persistence to tweek
and teach over and over again.
Theres so many things that motivate me but ill keep is simple.  Being
an example to my Children on the importance of good health and fitness
is key.  Of coarse this is  best taught by example. Im motivated to be
around to see my future grandchildren (hopefully not too soon) grow
and enjoy every moment of it!!  i just love life and Inside of me is a
burning desire  to be the very best I can be in so many areas of life.
I need and love intensity so this is my place to let it go.   Being
around a community of like minded, positive people is one of the
things that keeps me going.

If there was one food you could eat anytime and it would never affect your
weight, what would it be?
Burgers and beer! 🙂

What has been your favorite memory since joining Immortal?
Getting my first ring muscle up!  I’m blown away by how many people
made such a big deal about it, cheered and congratulated me.

We love you and Micka and know you both are very social and enjoy going
out.  What is your favorite restaurant to go too?
Definitely  Wood and Fire in Pleasantville

If you could choose any season of the year to live in forever, which one
would it be, and why?
I love Summer.  Taking long walks in the sun, the beach and enjoying
the outdoors makes me really happy.

What goal are you currently pursuing (it doesn’t have to be fitness related)?:
My biggest goals are family driven.
Building the very best relationship possible with my children,
being the very best father I can be and as most of you know I’m newly
engaged so taking the next step right now is a major goal.  Im a very
goal oriented person and right now I have several that I’m striving
for but ill keep them to myself for the moment.