Elizabeth Kwiat is the January 18′ Member Of The Month!

Elizabeth Kwiat is the January 18′ Member Of The Month!

Plain and simple….Elizabeth is the best! Since joining she has continuously epitomized hard work and dedication. Her bright personality, great sense of humor, and positive outlook on life make her a pleasure to be around. Let’s get to know the member of the month a bit more. 

Elizabeth Kwiat

Hometown: Boston, MA

Age: 49

Occupation: VP, Equation Research


How long have you been doing CrossFit and what motivated you to try it out?

I joined CrossFit Immortal just over two years ago – best decision ever!  Have to be honest, I really didn’t know anything about CrossFit.  My neighbor is Tim Twomey and if you know Tim, you know he is passionate about CrossFit and this gym.  He had been telling me for ages that I would love it and he was 100% right!


Tell us something cool or interesting about your job.

Equation Research is a market research company that three of us started almost 18 years ago.  It has grown to include staff from all over the country and one in New Zealand.  One cool aspect is that we designed it to be a virtual company.  We’ve never had an office and don’t plan to.  I’ve actually hired staff I’ve never met in person.  My commute is 13 steps to our third floor and on days when I am lazy, I can work in my pajamas.


I know you love music. What is your favorite group, band or artist from the 80s, 90s, early 2000s, and present?

I do love music but honestly don’t have a favorite group.  Music is always on in the house and my office.  Songs that brings back special memories are my favorite. 


Favorite local spot to grab a burger and a beer.

We really enjoy Chappaqua Tavern.  My husband and I like just sitting at the bar catching up sharing a burger and some ice cold beers.  They use to have Stella on draft (my favorite) but recently switched to another Belgian brew that is almost as good.  Strongly recommend splitting the burger so you have room to share their incredible dessert of a chocolate chip cookie that’s made and served in a skillet topped with vanilla ice cream.  A perfect night!


What has been your favorite memory since joining Immortal?

Think this would be my first competition.  I didn’t quite know what to expect and it was fantastic. We had a lot of fun decking out our team – we looked hilarious in our bee attire.  The event was really fun and very well organized – no surprise 

Red wine or white?

Red is definitely my favorite.  I can make a meal out of red wine, cheese and crackers!


What is your favorite CrossFit movement? And what is your least favorite?

My favorite is probably the hang power clean and least is the overhead squats, although with all the practice in December I dislike them a little less 


Tell us something about you that most people don’t know:

I love to travel although between having a family and my job haven’t had much time to so, but now putting into motion plans for some trips in the coming year.  I’ve studied in Europe and Africa and think it’s cool that of the countries I’ve visited three of them no longer exist – The Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.


What goal are you currently pursuing (it doesn’t have to be fitness related)?:

I turn 50 this Spring (ahhh!) … actually I’m pretty excited to use that as a milestone to be in the best shape and improve my nutrition.  Want to start my next half century on the right foot